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– Watch Parties –

Can’t be in Sydney? You don’t have to miss out.

What is a watch party?

It’s a bunch of people gathering in person together (in a pre-arranged meeting place) to watch parts of the conference – online and in real time. It includes conference viewing, food and great networking opportunities.

Are there advantages to my physically being in a ‘watch party’, instead of watching alone online at my own convenience?

While it’s certainly a personal decision and preference, you might see the following as great reasons to join a watch party in your area –

  • Because you’d welcome being able to discuss and network with others, in person.
  • Because some learnings might result in unexpected ideas for your region (one never knows), and wouldn’t it be great to bounce them around right then and there with your network?
  • Because where small groups gather, especially around ‘burning topics’, you’re bound to learn something new and interesting!

Who’s organising the watch parties?

A conference participant and their organisation can choose to ‘host’ a watch party. As such, anyone can organise one! Scroll down further below to find out how to be a ‘watch party host’. We anticipate that each watch party will include 10 – 20 people from different organisations in a region.

How do I know if a watch party is being organised in my area?

You can receive information, as soon as it becomes available, by expressing your interest on the registration page or by emailing


Register for the online event and on the conference registration page tick the box that says, ‘Yes, please send me information about an in-person watch party, if one becomes available in my regional district.’

You will be notified by email if and when watch parties do become available in your regional district, and we’ll link you directly with the watch party organiser.

Note that this is only relevant if you have selected the virtual attendee option.

OR, Want to host a Watch Party?  It’s too easy.

You can build a fun or ‘serious’ day around the conference. You can intersperse the bits that you choose to watch with light chats or deep reflections (or both), and even with drinks and snacks. In this watch party, there are no hard and fast rules – your group is totally in control! Plus, you’ll be supported by NCOSS with training and resources.

Why would I want to host a watch party?

  • Because part of your role might be to facilitate conversations in your regional area around “collaboration, ‘simplification’ of service provision and innovation/”transformation” – whatever those mean to you.
  • Because you don’t have to worry about speakers and content- they’ve been carefully curated, and hopefully, they meet your strategic discussion needs.
  • Because a conference is really about people, and not simply viewing content on one’s own.

What do I need to host a watch party?

If you already host inter agencies or group meetings, you’re more than halfway there! You’d presumably already have the basic requirements for a watch party:

  • A meeting room or place, with usual amenities
  • A display screen or monitor that’s appropriately sized for your group
  • Internet connection
  • Laptop, if you use one to control the display screen

Will NCOSS be supporting my watch party?

Absolutely! If you sign up as an official watch party (more below), you will have access to the following –

  • Free participation at a pre-conference workshop, to be held by The Jeder Institute exclusively for NCOSS conference watch party facilitators, to enhance your own capabilities as a discussion facilitator in this context.
  • Downloadable discussion guides/resources for your chosen conference sessions
  • Reimbursement for room hire
  • Reimbursement for catering (morning tea, light lunch, afternoon tea)
  • Reimbursement for your local discussion facilitator, as needed and on application

In return, NCOSS requests that you submit a post-event feedback (simple online form to follow).

Will NCOSS be promoting my watch party?

Again, absolutely! A list of watch parties will be included on the conference website, as they’re organised and confirmed.

Does our group need to watch the entire conference?

No – the beauty of a watch party is that you’re in total control of your time, and the rest of your session content. Gather in person and watch together for the entire two days, or for a day, or for half a day- the choice is yours. Zoom links will be made available, and on the day- simply click the link for the session that you’d like to watch.

Keen. How do I sign up/apply to host a watch party?

Simply fill out the EOI questions below. You will then receive emailed information on the pre-conference workshop, Zoom webinar links, accessing resources, requesting reimbursements and other relevant details.

    Note: NCOSS reimbursements are available for Central Coast, Far West, Hunter, Illawarra/Shoalhaven, Mid North Coasts, Murrumbidgee, New England, Northern NSW and Southern NSW. Other areas (Greater Sydney areas) – you may host a watch party and receive all support except financial reimbursements.

    Questions, or prefer to chat?

    Please feel free to request a call by emailing

    Thanks for your interest!

    This conference is hosted by the NSW Council of Social Service (NCOSS) and is supported by funding from the NSW government under the Social Sector Transformation Fund (SSTF) 2021-2022 grant program.