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– Nadene Lee –

Nadene Lee

Nadene Lee

CEO, Playgroup NSW

Nadene has over 15 years’ experience in senior executive roles for commercial and NFP organisations in Australia and overseas, complemented by governance and international business qualifications. Currently Chief Executive Officer of a long standing for-purpose organisation, Nadene has also held Non-Executive Director roles for a number of organisations, and until recently, was Chair of the International body for one of the world’s largest global addiction science-based treatment programs.

Nadene focuses on long-term sustainable growth and systemic change, working collectively to plan, co-design and deliver programs and backbone services that positively impact children, families and communities at scale. Such as, targeted early intervention and preventative programs for children with a disability; parental capacity building; programs and holistic supports for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse families; as well as rural and remote communities. Other impact areas are parent and child mental health and older Australians through intergenerational programs. Nadene enables collective impact through strategic, collaborative design work, program and service innovation, digital transformation, and culturally sensitive place-based solutions aimed at equal opportunity in learning, health and wellbeing for life.