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– Micaela Cronin –

Micaela Cronin

Micaela Cronin

CEO, Workforce Innovation and Development Institute

Micaela has been the Director of RMIT’s Workforce Innovation and Development Institute (WIDI) since April 2019. WIDI drives innovation in education, training and applied research to enable the growth and transformation of the social service sector, ensuring that people who are directly affected are at the centre of WIDI’s work.

Micaela has held leadership roles across the social service sector in Australia and internationally, including Co-chair, Sector Reform Council Victoria and President of ACOSS. Prior to WIDI, Micaela was the CEO Hagar International, working across Asia to build global service delivery and strategic partnerships to tackle human trafficking and human rights abuses.  In 2014, Micaela was awarded the Robin Clark Leadership award, Victoria’s most prestigious Children’s Protection award, recognising a leader who inspires others in achieving the best outcomes for children, young people and their families.