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– Marcus Harvey –

Marcus Harvey

Marcus Harvey

Digital Transformation Hub, InfoXchange

Marcus is passionate about transforming non-profit services and operations through effective use of technology, leveraging the non-profit offers to reduce cost and enhance impact. With 30 years of technology consulting expertise and 20 years in the NFP sector, he leads Infoxchange’s Digital Transformation program, with the goal of helping more than 10,000 organisations build their capacity and transform their operations to achieve measurable outcomes with their clients and communities. Recently he has also:

  • Helped hundreds of non-profits move to the cloud, reduce IT costs and enabled effective working in a COVID environment
  • Worked with a group of non-profit technology leaders from Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia, supporting them to use technology effectively and transform their organisation
  • Helped leading Australian non-profits to design and implement digital transformation programs that deliver measurable value for staff and clients
  • Assisted organisations to improve their data and information systems, enabling them to better understand their services and articulate their impact