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– Panel Discussion –

3:20pm - 3:50pm
Organisational and Sector Sustainability
Presentation Description

A core focus of the Social Sector Transformation Fund (SSTF), and the work that organisations have done in the last two years, has focussed on organisational sustainability.

What do we know now about our sustainability? What do we need to do next, and how can we organise to embed sustainability throughout the sector, its funding, and the way we deliver services? This session will explore what sustainability looks like for the sector, what we’ve learned about sustainability through the SSTF and what needs to happen to support organisations and our sector to be stable, strong and thriving into the future.


Facilitator: Karen Bevan

  • Gloria Larman – CEO, Women’s Justice Network
  • Zac Carter  – Executive Officer, Manning Valley Indigenous Community Support Service
  • Katrina Ironside – Executive Director, Community Legal Centres NSW
  • John Robertson – CEO, Foodbank NSW and Chair, NCOSS